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Brand Story

We were born in Wenzhou, which is the one of the biggest suppliers of world’s glasses. We are proud to every single glasses may come from the city.

Mika, the founder of DOOViC, lives in the United. After she found that glasses in the local market are very expensive, she decided that “We must break this situation and let more people no longer hesitate to choose their favorite glasses because of the price.”

Then she returned to China and established the DOOViC brand in 2017 to take advantage geographical production resource and the experience in operating glasses of more than ten years.

Many people who have contacted may find out our brand DOOViC reading glasses are already on Amazon. Yes, that’s right! Although our glasses brand was register in recent, its development is very fast, based on our high-quality inspection of glasses from the perspective of customers and our confidence that our brand will bring good experience feedback to customers. Many customers leave us positive messages and reply. They are encourage us to provide better services.  Then the official website of Doovic brand glasses – it’s coming!

Why? Because it takes at least hundreds of dollars to buy a pair of glasses at a physical store or medical institution usually, and  this kind of cost is undoubtedly expensive, and some good glasses even cost thousands of dollars, which will undoubtedly bring great pressure to people.

“We must not endure the existence of this phenomenon. Eyes are an important sense for us to connect with the world, and we must take good care of it.” Our founders Mika uphold this belief, join the glasses market, and try to bring high quality but low price glasses to the market, to reduce the pressure to buy glasses.

Why choose us?

At DOOViC, you only need to use your electronic device to log in to our official website, choose the frame you like, and then choose the lens that fits your vision according to your glasses prescription.It easy and it is cheap. At the same time, we focus on the quality of glasses, so you don’t need to worry about the quality of our glasses at such a low price. Our service not only allows people to buy our glasses at an affordable price, but also has a professional customer service team to solve your any problems before or after you use our services. We strive to satisfy every customer with our service, and hope that you can find glasses that suit you and be you favorite.

We Can Custom Design Your Ideas

Want to customize your own glasses? You can contact to to communicate with us, and we lovely hear from you after confirming the feasibility of manufacturing to achieve your needs.

Your Payment Is Safe And Secured

When you pay, we will provide special protection for your account to prevent the disclosure of your private property, so as to ensure the security of your account. Please rest assured.

We Offer Discounts And Coupons

Still worried about commodity prices? Please contact our email. We will provide you with the most favorable price and discount coupon as soon as we receive your message.