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Choose the Right Material

First of all, we should be clear about the specific materials of eyewear frames on the market. At present, the commonly used materials of eyeglass frames include TR90, titanium, plate, aluminum magnesium alloy, natural wood and bamboo materials.

Secondly, we should make it clear that each kind of material brings different texture, each has its own advantages, and there is no absolute best saying about that kind of material. For example, the eyeglass frame made of plastic material, that is, plate, is easy to process, light, and generally not easy to deform at room temperature; The eyeglass frame made of metal material is relatively strong, light and beautiful. So we can meet our different needs according to different materials. The advantages and disadvantages of glasses frames made of each material are explained in detail below, so that you can make a more correct choice.

1、 Titanium frame

Titanium is a pure metal with a proportion of 4.5. It has high toughness, no magnetic reaction, and is not allergic to skin. It is widely used in space technology, jewelry, surgical appliances and other fields. It is the most high-end material in the eyewear industry;

It is 48% lighter than ordinary metal, relieves the burden of nose bridge, has high strength, is not easy to scratch and wear, and has good corrosion resistance and plasticity;

Compared with other metal materials, it is not easy to deform and fade, has strong stability, and highlights noble taste and elegant temperament.

Titanium frames mainly include pure titanium, titanium alloy and β Three kinds of titanium mirror frames. All pure titanium frames are made of 99% high-purity titanium materials; The mirror ring or main body of the titanium alloy mirror frame is titanium alloy, which has good firmness; β The mirror ring or main body of the titanium mirror frame is β Titanium, with high elasticity and strength.

2、 Premium alloy frame

Advanced alloy is a material category combining two metals, and is one of the most popular and commonly used materials at present;

It mainly includes copper alloy, alloy frame Monel, nickel chromium alloy, memory alloy, stainless steel, open gold frame, platinum frame, etc. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, bright luster, durability;

The unique texture of metal shows the perfect combination of quality and fashion.

3、 Memory mirror frame
1. Memory mirror frame is made of plastic memory and metal memory;
2. The plastic memory mirror frame is light in weight, can be properly twisted and pulled without deformation, and has no allergy to the skin; The metal memory mirror frame has good elasticity, can be bent 180 degrees without deformation, and can automatically recover in case of external force twisting;

4、 Plate frame
1. The plate frame is made of acetate fiber plate by cutting. The main materials are plate, plate and steel sheet.
2. The plate is characterized by light weight, high hardness and good gloss. The combination with steel sheet enhances the firm performance, and the design is beautiful. It is not easy to deform and discolor, and it is durable.
3. The plate frame is fashionable and easy to match with clothes. It combines the thickness of the plate with the metal texture to reflect the individual style.

5、 Other materials

Hawksbill is a natural material, which is mainly made from the shell of hawksbill. It takes hundreds of years to make frames.

Tortoise shell armour is light in weight, very durable, bright in color and won’t cause skin allergy. In terms of color, there are eight kinds of quality: amber, golden yellow, sub yellow, gray, medium spot, medium red deep spot and dark cloud.

The tortoise shell frame is expensive, and it has been listed as a protected animal by the state, so it is rarely used, so the value of the tortoise shell frame is higher.

To sum up, each material frame has its own characteristics. When selecting frames, we need to feel the feeling of each material frame. I hope you can find your favorite material glasses early!