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How to Choose the Right Frame Size?

We think it is necessary to have a certain understanding of the appropriateness of the frame. It is believed that we often encounter such a situation. When we see a favorite eyewear style, we will take it to try it on with great interest, but in fact, we will find that it may be uncomfortable to wear or not wear the ideal effect, which is caused by the appropriate size of the frame. In addition to the appearance style, everyone should pay more attention to the frame when choosing the frame, because the fitting of one pair of glasses directly determines the quality of the whole glasses. The mirror frame is not only a facial ornament, but also a medical device. It is like dispensing medicine. The mirror frame is very critical to the quality of the medicine.

A suitable pair of lens frame shall meet the requirements of stable structure, appropriate size, comfortable wearing and suitable for correcting vision (with lenses).

I will also sum up some mistakes that people often make when choosing a mirror frame, so as to remind more people.

  1. The length of mirror leg is not appropriate

The size of glasses is just like wearing clothes. If they are too short or too long, they will be uncomfortable. All frames will have the size of the leg, which is generally between 135-150mm long. If you observe carefully, you will find that the size of the general glasses is marked on the leg, so you may as well look at it yourself.

The most common pitfall is that the length of the mirror leg is not selected properly, which causes the front and back of the glasses to be severely strained, seriously affecting the comfort. In principle, the curved part of the mirror leg should be just above the ear fold, but the pressure on the ear fold should be avoided. If the leg length is not enough, the glasses will tilt upward, and the tail of the frame will press into the back of the ear, making the wearer feel uncomfortable; If the length of the leg is too long, when the head is tilted, the tail of the frame will touch the back of the ear, and the glasses will fall down by themselves. It is worth noting that when trying on the spectacle frame and estimating the length of the leg, the frame should be kept at the correct forward angle on the face. If the forward angle is not taken into account when trying on the spectacle frame, the leg length will be too short if you wear it for a long time.

  1. The width of the mirror leg is inappropriate

The width of the leg of the mirror should match the width of the face. If it is too narrow, it will squeeze the forehead and temple. If it is too wide, it will cause the mirror frame to loosen and slide.Therefore, when you try on the frame, you must feel the tightness on both sides. If it is too loose or tight, the frame will become unstable, and long-term wearing will greatly affect the comfort.

3.The width of glasses nose bridge frame is not appropriate

Consumers can check the glasses frame by themselves through the following methods: keep the head vertical and looking forward, and the glasses frame can maintain a satisfactory position without any clamping of the legs. If the nose bridge is too narrow, not only will the lens be too high in front of you, but also the part where the nose bridge contacts the nose will be uncomfortable, and even cause temporary depression of the nose skin tissue; If the nose beam frame is too wide, the lens will fall too low, and it is impossible for the legs to keep the frame in normal position for a long time.

  1. The included angle between the front face of the glasses and the vertical line of the wearer’s face is about 4°~18°

The angle is related to the field of vision. Generally speaking, the upper part of the frame cannot touch the eyebrows, and the lower part cannot touch the face. If the mirror frame cannot reach the required forward tilt angle, it is recommended to find a professional to adjust the nasal stipe or change a pair of mirror frames.

  1. After wearing glasses, ensure that the distance from the lens to the eyeball is about 10mm.

If the lens is too far away from the eye, not only the optical effect will change, but the wearer will also see the outside of the lens, causing difficulty in positioning; If the lens is too close to the eye, the eyelashes will touch the lens, which will not only easily cause the lens to be blurred, but also cause irritation. Therefore, it is better to ensure that the distance between the lens and the eyeball is about 10mm after wearing the lens.

  1. The closer the geometric center distance of the lens frame is to the pupillary distance, the better

This is particularly important. People of high height should pay special attention to it. If you want to wear a pair of comfortable, not so heavy glasses, you must remember this one. The closer the geometric center distance and pupil distance of the lens frame are, the thinner the lens will be! This thin film is more direct and effective than the 1.74 lenses you spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on.

  1. The deeper the negative diopter (commonly known as myopia), the smaller the circle of optical and metrological knowledge of the spectacle frame.
  2. Generally speaking, those with large astigmatism should not use round frames.

9.Considering the effects of visual aberration and prism, ordinary consumers had better not choose a frame with too large radian.

10.People with height should not choose too large or too light eyeglass frames.

A lot of frames in the market are actually used for decoration. If people with a high height use such frames, they will easily find that their lenses are as heavy as the bottom of a glass bottle. They are easy to slide down, their visual quality is extremely poor, and shaking is especially harmful.

In addition to not choosing a big round frame, there is also a mistake, which is to blindly pursue ultra light frames, or even deliberately pursue grams, thinking that the lighter the better. In fact, this is wrong. Now there are also many sellers who seize the pain points of this high number of people and are very concerned about the weight. They blindly promote that the frame is as light as a feather, only 7g, or even 5g! Cause infinite harm to people! It is very dangerous to use this kind of lens frame to match the height, because the one-sided weight is too much pursued, sacrificing the stability and comfort of the lens frame. The glasses are often head heavy, very unstable, and can not be worn steadily.

The weight of a pair of glasses is mostly determined by the lenses. As long as the area, weight and thickness of the lenses are controlled, they will not be too heavy. Instead of seeking fish out of wood, we will abandon the basics and go after the end to pursue the ultra light of the mirror frame.

Finally, I sincerely hope that this information can help you find the frame that suits you and you like as soon as possible!