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Maintenance of Eyeglasses

Cleaning Eyeglasses

Glasses are easy to absorb light substances, dust and wool, and sometimes they may be stained with oil stains and other dirty things that are difficult to deal with. In daily life, we can’t avoid dirty and blurred lenses. Everyone has his own way to clean glasses, but are you really right?

When cleaning glasses, the simplest and most effective method is to dip a little neutral detergent (detergent and hand sanitizer) on the lens, drop a few drops of water, and then wipe it gently with a soft cloth. Do not rub it with your fingers repeatedly, then wash the wiped lens in warm water, and finally wipe it with a clean and soft cloth.

Soft cloth is used to prevent hard substances from rubbing the lens and avoid scratches on the lens.

It’s best not to use toilet paper, because most toilet paper is rough and easy to damage the lens.

When cleaning the lens with glasses wiping agent, make sure the lens is wet. In order to prevent the lens from blurring, dry it with a dry cloth. For example, the stubborn grease sprayed from the pot during cooking, it is best to wash it with special glasses detergent or soak it in an optical ultrasonic container.

Some important tips

1.Wear glasses with both hands: wear glasses right in front of the bridge of the nose; Wear it forcibly while holding it, which is easy to cause deformation and looseness;

2.Avoid harsh environment: glasses are prone to paint falling and aging in acid, alkali, high temperature and humid environment;

3.Reasonable placement of glasses: when glasses are not used, the lens legs shall be closed, the lens shall be wrapped with lens cloth, and then the convex surface of the lens shall be placed upward, away from heating, stove, hot spring and other high-temperature places, so as to avoid glasses deformation, scratch, distortion and sun exposure;

4.Timely maintenance of glasses: please wipe off the grease and sweat acid on the nose support and frame in time, so as to prolong the service life of glasses

5.The lens must be cleaned before wiping. Do not wipe it directly, which can easily lead to the wear of the lens surface and reduce the service cycle of the lens. More importantly, this behavior will directly affect the wearer’s vision.

6.When wiping the lens, remember not to wipe only in one direction, and do not use force. After a long time, there will be horizontal or vertical wiping marks.

7.When taking glasses, don’t touch the lens directly. People’s hands have fingerprints. Fingerprints have a rough feeling and some sweat. If you touch the lens directly, you will leave a large fuzzy fingerprint on the lens. Sometimes your nails will scratch the lens. This is a small detail to pay attention to.

Finally, I need to remind you that if your glasses are used for a long time, they will still be worn or scratched more or less, which is difficult to avoid. Sometimes changing a pair of glasses can bring you a new vision and a good mood. An optometry test before you change your glasses can make you better understand the changes of your vision and reconfigure a pair of glasses that are more suitable for you.

We sincerely hope our suggestions can help you!